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Dr. Brian Voytecek Wellness Center is renown in the chiropractic field. The Chiropractor in Aurora has been actively practicing in the Colorado state since 1986 after graduating from the National College of Chiropractic in Chicago. He has built a reputation for himself over the years with an impressed crowd of clients. With treatments utilizing pure natural therapies, here at our wellness center at Aurora, pain management has become relatively easy. The main focus however remains with the connections between the main parts of the body- the muscles and the nerves while we also pay equal importance in improving the overall health of the patient in our Aurora wellness center. Our Chiropractor takes pride in seeking to the needs of the people with his mastery skills that finally result in their well being. By making only a few adjustments which mainly include the spinal column, the overall health can be greatly improved. The patient’s previous records are also considered so that we can provide the best chiropractic treatment possible.

Dr. Brian Voytecek Wellness Center in Aurora, Co

Brian V. The Chiropractor's Wellness Center is a form of alternate medicine, which helps you relieve your pain through pure natural therapies and treatments. It does not involve the use of drugs or complicated surgeries. Brian V. The Chiropractor takes pride in mastering this art and assisting people in getting well. Most of the back pain, body pain, and other muscular pains can be treated by us in an effective manner. Our wellness center is well-equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, and we have a well-trained staff that will cater to your needs. Our natural therapies help your body heal in a natural way and promotes post treatment health benefits.

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Auto Accidents

Auto Accidents Thirty plus years of treating patients in Auto accidents; Dr Voytecek has the experience, the knowledge and understanding of treating patients that have been injured...

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Chiropractic Therapy

We are one of the most advanced chiropractic clinics and carry the latest chiropractic equipment which helps our doctors diagnose and treat back pains, spinal problems, neck pains and...

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Gravitational Pattern Alignment

Dr. Voytecek has received his Master Certification in the GPA (Gravitational Pattern Alignment) Technique from Dr. Vetanze, D.C. the founder. Dr. Voytecek is only one of the few...

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Chiropractic treatment has been becoming a popular treatment method all over the country. Even the health insurances cover chiropractic treatments. The chiropractors are also bound by the same regulations as that of the osteopathic doctors. We determine the best possible solutions for our patients and there is no treatment recommended to them without consulting them. On the occasion when we feel that a particular problem faced by our patients cannot be solved by our Chiropractor in Aurora Co, we make sure to recommend them immediately to someone who can.

Dr. Brian Voytecek believes that pain management can be gradually brought under control by some special adjustments in certain parts of the body especially in the spinal column. There are no drugs or surgical procedures prescribed in the entire procedure. We want the Wellness Center at Aurora to be a centre of physical therapy so that everyone who walks in gets the help they seek when it comes to their physical needs. The natural therapies have proved to be of immense help to all our patients. They also do wonders by promoting post health benefits.

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