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Dr. Brian is an experienced chiropractor with more than 30 plus years of experience. His approach to sports injury treatment in Aurora is a multidisciplinary approach. He combines several different principles that include physical therapy, sports massage, proper nutrition and some specific lifestyle choices. Such varied approaches help our chiropractor to provide the best results for his patients. We have proven treatment plans at our sports injury center in Aurora be it your back, knee neck or shoulder pain.

For every sportsperson the path to health, fitness and well-being is different. The journey to success is different for every Olympian. The training and exercise is demanding and rigorous. Be it whatever optimal health is necessary. Injuries are a part and parcel of every sportsperson. Sports injury prevention is not something under an athlete’s control but taking care of it surely is. But that shouldn’t stop you from achieving the exciting and fulfilling successful career. So, if you have found yourself on the sidelines lately due to a sports injury get in touch with us immediately. We will help you get back in the field within no time with special sports injury management therapies.

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We have proven plans to improve the strength, mobility and flexibility in our Aurora based Sports Injury Center. By staying at the forefront in the advancements of the chiropractic care, Dr. Brian utilizes non surgical methods and provides the patients with the latest Sports Injury management techniques and therapies. Through this we are able to obtain the best results in Aurora, for any sports injury.

Some of the common shoulder sports injuries are slap tear, shoulder instability and rotator cuff injury. Repetitive and overhead movements of the shoulders are common for any athlete. Over time it puts the shoulders at risk for injury. For shoulder pain treatment in Aurora, we guarantee that at Dr. Brian’s chiropractor clinic, you will be receiving far more than expected. More than anything else, someone engaged in physical activities should be aware of the possible injuries they are at risk.

Our chiropractor, Dr. Brian is skilled in the management of the spine and relieving the tension which allows the body to become less susceptible to injury. His hands on therapy are extremely beneficial to relieve the pain through the muscles and joints of the body.