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, Your Desk job is Hurting You. Here’s How to Fix It

Your Desk job is Hurting You. Here’s How to Fix It

About 88% of Americans sit at a desk all day. Not to mention the unproductive nature of your job. Sitting for long hours can take a real toll on your health. Besides throwing in the towel, are there ways to make the mundane desk job easier on your mind and body? The answer is yes! Here are some convenient and helpful ways to achieve a productive work day without it sucking the life out of you.


Eat a Full, Healthy Meal

Not just breakfast, but snacking healthy, too. Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day. If you are on-the-go and unprepared to eat a full breakfast, you risk disrupting your metabolism. Your primary care physician can guide you to finding the perfect meal plan so you can stay focused and healthy all day. Check with your wellness center Aurora providers to ensure you are on the right track when it comes to overall health.

Sick Building Syndrome

It’s no surprise that the EPA has a name for the air quality in buildings. And if you’re at your desk all day, inside a stuffy, uncirculated building, chances are that you’ve come down with ‘sick building syndrome’. You’re more likely to be susceptible to unhealthy toxic materials and pollutants, especially during the summer. These pollutants cause lung disease and heart problems later on. What’s the cure for this problem? Go out for lunch and any break that you have. If you can take your work outdoors (even in your car at the park!), get to it. Your body will thank you for it!

Long Hours Puts Stress on Your Heart

Yep. Working over 10 hours a day will put you at risk for a heart attack. No job is worth your health. You should keep work at work at a 9-5 basis.

Bad Boss Behavior

Not only do you work long hours at a desk, but you have to deal with an unfriendly boss inflicting orders. Unfair treatment with bosses can lead to loss of sleep, depression, and anxiety. Talk to your boss. Easier said than done, but chances are they would rather work out the details that are causing employee stress then lose a good employee.

Your Down Time Matters

What really matters is how you live your life after work hours. Are you maintaining a healthy eating schedule? Do you exercise regularly? More importantly, are you taking supplements and getting the right care? Regularly scheduled chiropractic adjustments can also help your body realign and get back into place after a long work week.

Your desk job doesn’t have to take years off of your life. Find balance between work and serenity and get a chiropractic adjustment. Your local chiropractor in Colorado can ease the stress of your desk job through simple adjustments when necessary. Contact Brian Voytecek to receive a consultation today!


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